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Cakey Menu …. January 15, 2010

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I’ve been asked  a few times now about what I offer and what prices so I am going to just post it for everyone’s reference.

I offer mainly White and Chocolate cake. BUT I am not opposed to other cakes.(Gluten free cakes as well)

My icing arsenal includes, my classic frosting (I heard its tasty), butter cream, chocolate fudge buttercream, cream cheese. I’ve recently added liquor icings, Margarita, Baileys, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daquiri.

Fillings: Any kinda of mousse, cream cheese, white chocolate ganache, dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate ganache, banana, peanut butter, and more. You want it inside your cake or cupcakes, I will make it happen.

Lastly, how much does it cost to get a piece of Nene Cakey Heaven?  Cupcakes with icing $2/ cupcake. Cupcake with filling/fondant $2.50/cupcake. Cupcake w/ Fondant creations and filling $3/ per cupcake.

Giant Cupcakes (Biggin’) w/ Icing: $3

Cake prices vary.

Cakey Lately….

These are Big White cake with classic icing. Fondant roses.

Baileys Cupcakes. Chocolate Cake with Baileys Dark Chocolate Ganache, and Fudge Buttercream Baileys Frosting.

Liquor Cupcakes. Shown here Strawberry daiquiri, Pina Colada, and Baileys

Strawberry Daiquiri Cupcakes. Strawberry Cake with Malibu Rum, along with Captain Morgans Rum Strawberry Frosting! Great for parties or valentines day!


I’m dreaming of a cakey ChristmaHanzaKwanzakah December 18, 2009

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Hey Friends!

Cupcakes have never been so fun. Who needs boring, when you can have FABULOUS! 🙂 No, Really. If you are having a holiday party or you are in need of something fabulous. Let’s be smart about this folks, everyone loves cupcakes. Sure you can by store boughten, from the local grocer, HONESTLY they are going to be cheaper, and taste cheaper. PLUS, are they going to be make specially for you, with love. Cause the love that I put into my cupcakes, should show through in the time, effort, and creativity to get you a product that you will love. In turn, falling in love with me! 🙂 SO, if you love CUPCAKES, do cupcakes some justice and order from Nene. True Story.

Gallery (Hall of fame from this week)

HO HO HO with Santa, This is 27 cupcakes of Christmas-ee Magic. Shown here were Chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate suprises throughout, piped in classic icing.

Did someone say FROSTY! Snowmen go great with all of the winter. This 28 chocolate cupcakes with classic icing piped.

Classic Snowflakes are elegant and make for a beautiful cupcake arrangement. These are half and half cupcakes with white and chocolate fudge. They are piped with classic frosting and have pressed fondant accents dusted a frosty purple to give some SHIMMER. We all love some sparkle. 🙂

These are just a snipit of what you could bring to your holidays, parties, or just cause you want a cupcake. I do small and large orders. I also do made to order. I am very flexible and will work with and for you!

With Holiday Love…

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes.



Cakey has gone all Holiday on us! December 10, 2009

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So as the order’s are rolling in, I am plugging away on some original recipe ideas and yummy goodness. I am currently working on the liquor cupcakes : Margarita, Pina Colada (which got rave reviews already), Irish Baileys, and Strawberry Daquiri. I am also working on a coffee espresso recipe and two secret recipes that are going to be amazing if they work out the way I think they will. If you have an idea, please share it with me, I will try to work it out for you, and I LOVE challenge and an ability to be creative!

Some latest photos!

These Gobbler beauts turned out adorable! They are white and chocolate cupcake. Turkeys are classic icing piped and the chocolate fudge buttercream piped.

GIANTS! Or Chocolate Thunda' as I like to call these biggins! These giants have devils food and dark chocolate cake recipes combined with chocolate milk from Shatto Farms and Chocolate chunks. Inside there is a dark chocolate fudge ganache, topped with chocolate fudge buttercream. YEAH!

Holiday Candy Cane Cupcakes, White and Red Velvet cake with classic icing, sprinkled with raw colored sugar.

Snowflake beauties were Red velvet and white cake. Rough iced with classic icing and gel piped w/ raw clear sugar.

Next up for this cake lady, table scape. Snowman and Santa’s Face with Snowflakes. 🙂 10 dozen of cakey love! 🙂

Don’t forget to order your cupcake for the holiday parties. Contact me @ and I can work with whatever your brain, stomach, and heart desires…..

Until then.

Peace, Hope, Love, and Cupcakes!



Cakey Lately… November 19, 2009

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So, it has slowed down a bit for me in the cakey world but it is about to pick right back up. I have 3 dozen turkey cupcakes to make for Thanksgiving, the next week 12 dozen x-mas cupcakes and 2 ornament cakes. This means, I need to get started!

But In the last couple weeks I have made some pumpkin-ish type things, and some not.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake and Classic White Cake and Classic Icing

Finished product with fondant leaves.

Fairy Tale Book Cake, Chocolate with Classic Icing Book made of Rice Treats and covered in Fondant.

Up close picture on the book...

Until next time Peace, Love, and Turkey Cupcakes..




New Years Eve…Benefit and Cakey Event! November 9, 2009

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So I am working with my brother who is in a Local Band ( to put together a benefit for my Niece Taylor (5yrs) who was born with the worst case of spina bifida in Kansas City Area. This is also to benefit the Spina Bifida Foundation.

This event will be held at the Mission Theater (Johnson Dr). Right now what I know is that VIP tickets (only 100) will be sold at the price of $35. This will be all-inclusive wine, beer, food, and a champagne toast at midnight. The regular admission will be $10 and will only cover the entertainment. Last year we had a turn out of 400 plus people and it was amazing. There is a DJ for the evening ( and it is one heck of a party! More details will be posted later, but I am really hoping that you will be attending. One stop, drink…food…doing your part to help children with Spina Bifida!

So partly my contribution to this night will be CUPCAKES! (of course). I am currently working on some STELLAR recipes for this event. These will all be alcohol flavored cupcakes…without the alcohol of course. Some of the flavors including Strawberry daiquiri, Pina Colada, Chocolate Irish Bailey’s, and Margarita….(to name a few) This is going to be fun!

Peace, Love, and Alcohol flavored cupcakes…..:)