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A village surrounds me… June 10, 2010

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I just really need to take this moment to write something from the heart, not light-hearted, not silly, but real. For those who really know me, know that beneath a rough and tumble exterior is a completely tender-hearted person, and sometime I don’t have the way to verbally communicate how I feel, but I will always own the words.  So here are my words.

Since October, I have been living this surreal snowballing life of cake! It started as happenstance and a cake here and there. But there were a few good mouths who started talking about me, and my cake. They started telling people great things about me, and my cake. They started slowly surrounding me, encouraging me, boosting me, and helping me. They also started ordering from me, and sharing their experience of having a “Nene cupcake/Cake.”  I in many cases was able to watch the “enjoying” first hand. If you know me, you know I have an emotional connection to my creations, that not only do I want them hand delivered, I check in on them. This, along with social media, has allowed me to connect with people in ways that I never could have.

So to stick with the story, January came around and I was just seriously starting to get busy. See these people who I had only started to scratch the surface of a relationship with, had really been encouraging me. When I could see this I made a personal new years and life resolution. That was to make connections with people who are meaningful, surround myself with people who truly make my life better, and build those friends with all my heart. Now, not that I didn’t start to do that before (cake), but I had been slightly abused, used, and a little battered by past “friendships” that I wasn’t really sure that I had more than ONE “TRUE” friend.

Now when I made this resolution, I was serious about this, and knew that this would not be an easy task. You know, it is really easy to be a hermit, to sit on the couch, to not show up to that happy hour, shopping trip, pedi & mani (wait, ok maybe not the Mani and Pedi) but you get what I am saying. It is always easier to take the loaner route and to say “No”.  I really allowed my heart to make decisions and I knew that I wanted to be there for people, I wanted to show them my “tender heart.” and that I needed people in my life that really loved me, well…. for me.

But after all this post is not just about me (although my Leo nature would suggest so) I want to take some time to recognize my “village” that has surrounded me and held me up.

There are so many people right now who are in someway touching my life, that I am not sure I would have enough time in the day/night to even begin to properly acknowledge everyone but I would like to take sometime tell a few who have truly meant a lot to me.

Kerstin, you have been a constant staple in my life, when we started connecting, I knew soon after that I wanted you in my life. I enjoyed the times that we spent talking and I really noticed that I really wanted to be there for you. I fell in love with your children, and saw your deep passion and love for Mike right away. I knew that if someone could love that deeply about an individual then they would be a friend that couldn’t compare to others. Truly you have been able to let me vent, panic, cry, laugh, and love. Without ever complaining. I know I apologize a lot for dumping my emotions sometimes or just want things to remain in good standing, because I would be extremely sad without some #galmance in my life. I like that we both can truly have our lives, and when we connect, we can really connect. I know that there is a hug, and a smile, and I know that I would do anything for you and your family, just as you have shown me that same grace. You lift me up as a person, and you have made me truly understand what it means to be a “friend” I can only hope to repay that. Thank you for all your graciousness. (p.s. Mike as well)

Cari, Holy Moly, you have seen ever aspect of me, yet you still soldier on as my friend. We laugh, we argue, we joke, we vent, we work, and we play. I share a lot of my life with you that I would not be able to share with most and I am grateful that I can be who I am when I am with you. There isn’t a more loyal and true friend then yourself, and I have seen that not only in our friendship, but also in all of your friendships. I will NEVER be able to tell you how much your friendship and the example friend you have been to me and my children. I can only hope to repay you in the love that I have for you as my dear friend. Thank you for your willingness to love ALL of me, and understand my flaws and love them too! You are a true friend.

Allison, I don’t get to connect to you as much as I wish, but I can be who I am with you, and I never laugh more than when we are together. I hope that we will be friends for time to come.

Sara Paxton and Paul Evans, even in last night you showed me what it means to really have a heart. You really have taken me under your wings per say and you are helping me fly. I appreciate it this more than you can ever imagine. 

Vince, You have let me pick your brain, you have let me kinda panic, and you have let me in on some secrets of the business world. You always make me feel comfortable, and not unworthy because my knowledge is not always where maybe it should be, but you allow me to learn. You ease my concerns about somethings I am unsure of, and your willingness to help me is not going without notice. Thank you. (I can’t wait for your wedding!)

Hollie and John, you are always my cheerleaders. ALWAYS. Thanks for the ego boost and the love, it keeps me going.

I would also really like to send love to my Dad, although his hands are tied and he can’t help as much as he would like to. I have comfort in knowing you are always a venting call away. Thanks to You and Kathy for being so encouraging, I hope to make you proud.

Ok.. there are a handful of villagers in this group that I haven’t mentioned but are dear to my heart. Thanks for your continued support.

When they say  “It takes a village…”   It does! Do you even know the contribution you are making to my life? You are showing me everyday that there are humanists out there. And people truly are good. You lift my heart to know that you care enough about me to be there for me and want to see me succeed. There are not enough typed words in this world to be able to show you my heart, and how, how you have made me feel, and how you have touch my life means to me. You surround me, you make me a better person, and a better friend. For those things I THANK YOU!

Now, I will succeed in the conquest to cupcake take over, and you will be apart of that, and you will forever be the reasons why I WILL/MUST succeed. Much Love and My Best.

I hope I was accurately able to portray how I feel… that’s very hard for me, but it is completely heart-felt!

Peace, LOVE, and Cupcakes…

NE ❤