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When cake becomes full time… April 26, 2010

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I will be doing cake full time? I WILL BE DOING CAKE FULL TIME!  I need to, Nene needs to be a household name. The great amount of friends, followers, and cake lovers from my humble kitchen has been fantastic. It’s time to branch out! It’s time to get your NENE ON when ever you want! Don’t you think?

Here’s what I need, I need to continue having this awesome word of mouth base, and make it blow up! I am so far out of my kitchen but I am looking to rent a space and be a FULL TIME delivery service. Until further (dreams) can be put to action! I have some very loyal friends, family, and followers.

Lets truly make this time, for Nene’s cupcakes to be shared with the masses of Kansas City, because….we need it. The Era of the grocery store cake is over. The competition is tough but, In my opinion may not have the total package. What’s in this for you, my friends. As those who truly know me, will know that in return what you have done for me, I will turn around and do that for you ten fold. Not to mention, cake! So available, that it is brought to your door! WHAT? NENE’S AT MY HOUSE?! I know, I don’t believe it either. But … BELIEVE.

My Dream Team : My Twitter fan base (always count on you), My Facebook “likes” and friends are on the rise (can never go wrong), next….a website (coming soon) to make ordering a snap, and cupcakes readily available to the masses.

I just want to end this by saying a huge thank you to my friends and family who believe in me and want to help me reach my goals, my heart is with you. My passion is with the cake.  Lets make confectionery love.

Check out the shout on     slowly on our way. Baby Steps.

With Love, Peace, and Cupcakes

Yours Truly.



One Response to “When cake becomes full time…”

  1. mrkcmortgage Says:

    Hey Renee…great work!!!!! Again thanks for making my nieces 2nd birthday fantastic with your wonderful stuff haha…I shall post photos later..unless you have them still…post away but great job…thanks so much!!!!

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