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I’m dreaming of a cakey ChristmaHanzaKwanzakah December 18, 2009

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Hey Friends!

Cupcakes have never been so fun. Who needs boring, when you can have FABULOUS! 🙂 No, Really. If you are having a holiday party or you are in need of something fabulous. Let’s be smart about this folks, everyone loves cupcakes. Sure you can by store boughten, from the local grocer, HONESTLY they are going to be cheaper, and taste cheaper. PLUS, are they going to be make specially for you, with love. Cause the love that I put into my cupcakes, should show through in the time, effort, and creativity to get you a product that you will love. In turn, falling in love with me! 🙂 SO, if you love CUPCAKES, do cupcakes some justice and order from Nene. True Story.

Gallery (Hall of fame from this week)

HO HO HO with Santa, This is 27 cupcakes of Christmas-ee Magic. Shown here were Chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate suprises throughout, piped in classic icing.

Did someone say FROSTY! Snowmen go great with all of the winter. This 28 chocolate cupcakes with classic icing piped.

Classic Snowflakes are elegant and make for a beautiful cupcake arrangement. These are half and half cupcakes with white and chocolate fudge. They are piped with classic frosting and have pressed fondant accents dusted a frosty purple to give some SHIMMER. We all love some sparkle. 🙂

These are just a snipit of what you could bring to your holidays, parties, or just cause you want a cupcake. I do small and large orders. I also do made to order. I am very flexible and will work with and for you!

With Holiday Love…

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes.



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