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Cakey has gone all Holiday on us! December 10, 2009

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So as the order’s are rolling in, I am plugging away on some original recipe ideas and yummy goodness. I am currently working on the liquor cupcakes : Margarita, Pina Colada (which got rave reviews already), Irish Baileys, and Strawberry Daquiri. I am also working on a coffee espresso recipe and two secret recipes that are going to be amazing if they work out the way I think they will. If you have an idea, please share it with me, I will try to work it out for you, and I LOVE challenge and an ability to be creative!

Some latest photos!

These Gobbler beauts turned out adorable! They are white and chocolate cupcake. Turkeys are classic icing piped and the chocolate fudge buttercream piped.

GIANTS! Or Chocolate Thunda' as I like to call these biggins! These giants have devils food and dark chocolate cake recipes combined with chocolate milk from Shatto Farms and Chocolate chunks. Inside there is a dark chocolate fudge ganache, topped with chocolate fudge buttercream. YEAH!

Holiday Candy Cane Cupcakes, White and Red Velvet cake with classic icing, sprinkled with raw colored sugar.

Snowflake beauties were Red velvet and white cake. Rough iced with classic icing and gel piped w/ raw clear sugar.

Next up for this cake lady, table scape. Snowman and Santa’s Face with Snowflakes. 🙂 10 dozen of cakey love! 🙂

Don’t forget to order your cupcake for the holiday parties. Contact me @ and I can work with whatever your brain, stomach, and heart desires…..

Until then.

Peace, Hope, Love, and Cupcakes!



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